Friday, July 3, 2009

Yes, I know I'm Small!

So I passed my homework assignment. I'm still pregnant and hot. I went to the doctor this past Monday. Josh went with me because I always forget the questions I want to ask her and he's great at remembering them. The doctor said that I was a little small or she is a little small for how far along I am at this point. This was not hard for me to believe since everytime I tell someone when I'm due they exclaim, but you're so small! I usually take this as a compliment, but since the doctor seemed a little worried I've become a little worried. I think everything will be alright though. Mom told me that Stephen and I were both just around 6 lbs. when we were born. The doctor said the placenta could not be working properly or she could just be rolled up in a ball. I think she loves her mommy so much that she wants to make labor and delivery as easy as possible. Another good thing about the situation is that I get to have another ultrasound, even though I'd rather see her in person than on a screen again.
Everything else is fine. She has a great heart rate and she kicks a lot and hiccups. It's like someone is thumping the inside of my stomach everynight.
Pedro, our cat loves her stroller. He sleeps in it and lets us ride him around. We only do this inside the house. We wouldn't want the neighbors thinking we are any stranger than they already think.
Oh yeah, we also passed our childbirth class. We have a nice certificate to prove that we are experts in the profession of parenting. Hee, Hee!!

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