Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just An Update

It's been an eventful last two weeks in the pregnancy department. Last Thursday I thought I was having contractions, but it turned out to be kidney stones. This is my second tour with the "Stones". The pain is just as intense as labor. 2 shots of demerol and lots of fluids got me back to normal. Gotta love those painkillers. It was a good trial run. I stayed overnight at the hospital and we got to listen to her heartbeat all night on the monitor. It was so soothing and sweet. When Josh touched my stomach or talked to her you could see her heartbeat raise a little and she would move. The nurse came in to turn the monitor down, but both of us at the same time told her to leave it turned up.
I would like to thank my friend Lydia for moving back to Gallatin just in time to take care of me until my parents and Josh could arrive at the hospital. She was great at distracting me from the pain.

We also found out yesterday that she is folded up like a taco with her butt down. Which spells out C-Section. The ultrasound tech and the doctor were not very optimistic about her turning. Though they didn't totally rule out that it could happen. I think they just said that to make me feel better. I'll go back to the doctor on Monday and she will do another ultrasound. This will make number 6. This child is going to think she is a movie star. She is also going to check to see if I've dilated anymore. If so she said she would schedule the c-section for this Tuesday or Wednsday. If not then the next week. I was a little worried at first, but I'm fine now. I've spoken to lots of people who've had c-sections and I feel okay about it. I figure as long as she's healthy it's all good. Josh will just get to pamper me for a little bit longer. I'm okay with that too. I do ask that you pray for all of us. I know that God will watch over us if we ask Him too and we'll all be alright.

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  1. love your blog! That comment about forgetting stuff is preggo mind for sure. Really liked the pics- more please! Come visit NK on my blog- just click on my pic I'm a follower.