Friday, December 4, 2009

4 Months and the Flu

Happy, Sleeping Ruby

Sleepy, not feeling so good, Ruby.

The 4 generations picture.

Sitting up in the BeBe Pod.

Ruby's look of infinite wisdom.

Well, well. Ruby's first Thanksgiving will definitly be a memorable one. She got the flu. The doctor said that it was H1N1, but it was not serious. Ruby is obviously a fighter. Mommy was sure worn out after it all.

On a much happier note Ruby can almost put her toes, that's right people I said toes, in her mouth. She has also discovered that she can pet Pedro. Her idea of petting is pulling his hair, which thankfully he doesn't seem to mind. She loves "feeling him up". This looks a little weird but oh so cute.

Sorry, we don't have very good 1st Thanksgiving pics, but I figured I can put her in the "My first Thanksgiving" shirt and recreate the whole event sans icky running nose, red eyes, hacking cough, and blood wrenching screams later.