Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Baby Room Progress

The painting under the mirror was made by one of my deaf ed students at SCE. It is a sun, flower, and a heart. She told me that she loves the sun because it makes the flowers grow and that warms her heart.
I bought it from her because it warmed my heart.

She's definitly not going to go naked anytime soon.

For some reason the above pic won't rotate, but I wanted to include it because Josh is actually reading the directions on how to put together the crib. Whata' man!

The painting of the giving tree was made by my friend Rachel, the top painting was made by my cousin's 2 yr old daughter, Mattie Mae, and the bottom one was painted by Josh's nephew, Alex.

I painted the mural on the wall behind her crib last week. It has a momma bird, a daddy bird, and a baby bird to represent our family. Pedro was jealous I didn't paint cats.

Josh putting together the crib. He didn't have any parts left over and he it didn't take him very long. Probably because he read the directions and he's very handy.

Opening the dresser/changing table.

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