Thursday, June 18, 2009


My doctor said my homework for the next two weeks was to stay pregnant. I'm trying my best. I'll be 35 weeks by then and the good Doctor says that she's okay to make her debut. I'm thinking, "let me get through my inservice on June 30th and July 1st". Anything after 3:30 on July 1st will be just great with me, because I'm hot and swollen and I'm just ready to meet her.

We started childbirth classes. That's been eye opening, especially for Josh. He got to see a birth on video. I think they zoomed in a little too much for him. He's been a great support person so far. He's really on top of the breathing stuff. He's even made me practice.
I had to think of a place to focus on during labor. When the instructor asked me what my happy place was, I blurted out "Anywhere but here." Just giving everyone a little taste of how cranky I get when I'm uncomfortable. Watchout everyone!!!

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  1. hey - thanks so much for the gift. and the kind words on the blog. you guys are next!! i'm so excited for you. it's gonna be a blast. and every bit as great as you imagine it will be. look forward to hearing the name ... and having baby wrestling matches at our next family reunion. take care. and best of luck, jake and kate