Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Survived My Brother's Wedding and a Few Other Things

Which of these bridesmaids dresses does not look like the other ones?

We survived wedding week and gained a few pounds too many. I had huge feet and got my first pedicure ever because I can't reach my feet comfortably anymore. I was a little weird about someone other than Josh touching my feet, but didn't really trust him to paint my toenails. The wedding was beautiful and I'm so happy for my brother and Kelly.

I went back to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound and my regular appointment. Everything seems fine and she doesn't look like an alien so much anymore. I get to see the doctor every two weeks now. Yippee. She was curious about how I had gained so much weight this month. I told her about the bridal luncheon, rehersal dinner, and wedding. She didn't say anything more.

Josh and I registered at Target on Sunday. That was fun. Josh really seemed to enjoy it and anything he picked up I felt obligated to scan because he was so excited about it. Once again I think he is going to be a great dad and a cool one too. I wouldn't blame her unique dress all on me though. He's picked out some pretty unusual things himself. If he had it his way everything would be tie-dyed.
P.S I've also added some pics from the day we told the family. They are in that post.

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