Thursday, January 29, 2009

Telling the Family

Josh and I decided to keep the lil booger to ourselves for a while and tell the family on Christmas Eve. We needed time for it to sink in for ourselves before overwhelming our families with this great surprise. It was hard for me, really hard to not tell my mom. My extra horomones kicked in quick 5 nights after we found out. I wanted my mommy. I wanted someone to talk to about what was going on in my body and all my feelings. Yes, I know that this is what Josh is for, but somethings you just need your mom for. We made it through Thanksgiving dinners without saying a word or giving a hint, but the Sunday after I told mom. I, of course, had to tell dad too. I told mom at the Plowhaus art gallery while taking down art work and we told dad at Sonic later on that night. He wondered why I was waiting in his car after church and why Sonic was a must that night. Both promised not to tell anyone. Mom told one person I later found out. Thanks Gaye for keeping it a secret.

We told everyone else on Christmas Eve as planned. I made bibs and onesies that said things like, "I Love my Uncle Stephen." We wrapped them up and on Christmas Eve, before we ate, Josh and I gave out our presents. We have never done this before so I think everyone knew that something was up. I just told them I got a good deal on the gifts.

Everyone opened their gifts and was quiet. Kelly was the only one who seemed to get it or maybe everyone else was just processing it. Stephen thought his bib was for the dog. I could tell Kelly wanted to say something outloud, but both of us noticed the quiet in the room. Then it hit and everyone was excited and that became the topic of conversation the rest of the night. Sorry Stephen and Kelly for not talking more about the wedding.


  1. What a fantastic was to tell everyone! Conrgats again, i am so excited about reading along with you guy :)

  2. Good job keeping the baby a secret.
    I like the Christmas present idea -
    what a great surprise.

  3. You are welcome! You know I am good at keeping secrets, soooooo.... maaaaaybe you can tell me the girl's name. How about it? Please, please.
    ---Had to try. Ok, if you don't want to tell me I'll understand.