Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Explanation of Title and Finding Out

Okay, so I realize that some might think of boogers as gross. I see boogers all day in my line of work. Boogers are gross, but I think the word is kind of cute. Can you really call someone a lil' booger without smiling? It was also the first thing I thought of calling the wonderful life growing inside me and making me sick at random times of the day. I thought the name appropriate.

So please don't take offense. I love my lil' booger and it makes me smile just to say it.

Finding Out

Realizing my little friend had not come to visit yet, I awoke the Monday before Thanksgiving, pulled out an old e.p.t I had stored in the back of the sink's cabinet, and did what women do on the tip of those test. I didn't have my contacts in yet and I was not very alert, so when the little blue line appeared the first thing that came to my head was that I was still asleep. I tried to wake myself, (impossible if you are already awake) and grabbed my glasses. The line was still there and bright. Even for a test that had expired a year earlier.
Most of you that know us also know that we haven't really been preventing for 2 years. This bright blue line was most definitely a line of surprise. So much so that when I went back into the bedroom to alert, warn, tell Josh, all I managed to do was flip on the light, pull the covers off of him, and sit and stare at him. Luckily Josh is not very grumpy in the morning. He covered his eyes and asked what was going on. I said, "Nothing." Josh is a smart guy and he realized that turning on the light and pulling the covers off of him at 6:00 was not just "nothing". I can't remember what I finally said, but it woke him up and he rushed to the bathroom to stare at a stick I had just peed on.
Being that the test had expired my smart husband decided we should go buy another one. This was an adventure all in itself. Who would have believed that Krogers keeps the e.p.ts locked up with the condoms and cologne. Maybe that says something about our society these days. Not the locked up part, but the grouping of those 3 products. I'm kind of shy so I did not want to ask someone to open "the case" for me. We walked out and drove across town to Food Lion. They don't keep theirs locked up. And you can figure out the rest of the story.

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