Monday, January 4, 2010

KangaRuby and the Holidays

Ugh I hate it when this happens. It won't turn so you'll just have to turn your head.
Wooo paper. I love yummy paper.

Christmas morning.

One day Ruby might realize that Santa works in the bike shop with Daddy when he's not delivering toys to the good girls and boys.

Ruby's present from Santa.

The holidays have come and gone so I figured I should update the Ruby blog for everyone. She loved the tissue and the bows of course. Santa was pooped on Christmas Eve so he came at about 6:00 in the morning. He brought her a Jumper thing. You can see it in the pictures. She loves to bounce so Santa figured something that jumps would be better than a saucer. She forgot to leave him cookies though, maybe that's why he was so late.

I had so much fun with her over my break. It was hard to leave her this morning and go back to work. I have finally figured out how to get a few things done while she sleeps and we played a lot. She's grabbing at things now and her mouth is the typical landing pad for the things she grabbs. Ruby's also learned the dropping things so she can watch mommy and daddy pick up things over and over again game. Fun Fun! She's very vocal and we are trying to teach her some sign language. Ruby has also started cereal. I thinks she's been hanging around her great mema too much. Ruby looks eerily like her when she is eating.

Well enough writing. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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