Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 months WOW

Just a few days of diapers.

Doing her Jane Fonda workout.

Well our little girl is growing up. She turned 2 months last week on the 21st. It's going by fast and she seems to change everyday. Ruby has her daddy's sweet dimples if you haven't noticed by the pictures. You can really notice them now that she's gottn some fat on her cheeks. I think she's going to be a runner or a swimmer. Her legs are constantly moving and she already does her stretches.

She had her 2 month checkup. Which also means she had her shots. Call me a mean mommy, but I just couldn't help and laugh when she got her first shot. She was happy and then the nurse stuck her little thigh. Ruby cocked her head back and her face turned as red as a tomato. Her mouth opened wide and her lips quivered, but nothing came out for like 30 whole seconds. Then, the loudest noise I had ever heard was leashed from one of the tiniest little mouths ever. I'm sure the nurse thought I was crazy, because I was chuckling. I did hold her little hands during this whole episode. So maybe I'm not that mean.

Ruby now weighs in at a whole 10 lbs 6 ozs. She is 21 1/2 inches long.

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