Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updates and stuff

It's Football Time. This will be Saturday's outfit.
She smiles!

I think this one is hilarious! She looks like she's gotten a little too much caffeine in the milk.

A teacher at school made this yummy banana pudding. I don't think Ruby is quite into it yet.

Bath time.

Ruby is doing great. Josh and I are getting a little energy back or our bodies are just adapting to life with a baby. She is only waking once during the night. She was going down around 9:00 last week and Josh and I were so excited. This week is a different story. One night was close to 3:00 the rest have been anywhere between 10:30 and 12. She's become very alert and wants to take in everything. I think she believes if she sleeps she'll miss something. I know I'm missing my sleep!

She took her first rode trip on Labor day. She rode with my parents to Land Between the Lakes. Josh and I lead the way on the motorcycle. We took the long way which took about 4 hours. She hardly cried according to mom. It was so nice to ride with Josh again. It had been almost a year. Ruby did wonderful. My parents took care of her most of the day . Thanks guys. I didn't get a lot of pics because my camera apparently got scared when Josh decided to disturb two copperheads with a photoshoot and quit working.

If she contiues to nap I'll post pictures, but if not you'll get them later.

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