Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 Week Pictures and Noteable Firsts

Ruby is a traveler. I can't stay at home for very long so she has already been many places. This I'm sure appalls some germ fearing people, but my sanity and the feeling that she'll be exposed to so much more later on anyway makes me not fear the germs so much. She's well wrapped when we go out and I don't let strangers touch her. We've been to Target at 9 days old, Dos Margarita's and Daddy's work in Nashville at 11 days, Cracker Barrel at 12, an art show at 18 days, and Church at 19.

She lost her belly button stub this past Wednesday and has managed to spit up, pee, and poo on me all at the same time.

She started sleeping in her crib on Thursday. Yay! She's slept peacefully in her lovely crib for the last 3 nights, which means Josh and I have slept somewhat peacefully in our room for the last 3 nights also.

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